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Although most people don't think much about it, Richard Mille Replica Watches made sure that every part of his watch was comfortable and easy to use during long hours of competition.

Felipe Massa was the first to develop rubber straps that allowed for plenty of airflow during hot racing days. Later, Nadal's RM027 was fitted with a Velcro(r), double-closure Velcro(r),franck muller replica watches strap. This became a standard among Richard Mille Replica Watches's sports performance watches.

Richard Mille Replica Watches's next step in strap technology looks almost like a simple hair tie that is retrofitted onto the watch's lugs. This allows the wearer to just slip the watch over their wrist. It's that easy. The elastic material is not your typical store-bought stuff, but Richard Mille Replica Watches knows that.

The Richard Mille Replica Watches Comfort Strap is the name of it.Rolex Replica Watches It is made from a special weave that provides elasticity and security while worn around the wrist. The functional design eliminates the need to attach a buckle and provides additional comfort.

The Watch

How does this all add up? Richard Mille Replica Watches can boast that the RM 67/02 automatic watch is lightest yet thanks to his foresight in the movement, case and strap construction. It weighs in at a staggering 32 grams.

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